Failing out of business school brought new opportunities.

Erik always thought he was going to be the business guy doing business things. College doesn't take nicely to those that go against the status quo, and neither does business. The rigid structure, the lack of debate, and the inability to answer the why question turned his inquisitive nature into a wanderer. And a failure into a success.

As a child, Erik drew on his parents' furniture. If he only knew that experience would come full circle, he would have made better decisions at a younger age. In 2004, after a college hiatus, Erik attended the Art Institute of Dallas where he discovered that business challenges could be solved creatively. That discovery sent him on the path he wanders today.

An award-winning creative director, art director, and designer.

Erik Peterson is an award-winning creative director, art director, and designer known for producing print and digital design with a strategic foundation. He craves intelligence, integrity, and craft. He finds it fascinating that design (and making things) can get people to act, think, engage, support a cause or give encouragement. His background in business and entrepreneurship allows him to build solid relationships with clients by relating to their challenges. His ability to combining strategy and creativity to define and lead projects creates successful outcomes across a variety of mediums.

Erik has spent ten+ years working in agencies, corporations, non-profits and now a branding studio. He's done work for well-known global corporations like AT&T, HP, and Sprint. Advertising campaigns and radio for SUBWAY and has helped hundreds of companies look and feel better. His passion is the problem and the insight is the solution.

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