Ask me about drawing on furniture and failing out of business school...

Hello, my name is Erik and I want to tell you about this adventure and gift I am sharing. I am a creative director and designer in Fort Worth, Texas. Currently, I work for a branding and design studio using my versatile skill set to interact with clients, present ideas, design, direct, and create strategic solutions to grow business or solve problems, For 10+ years I blazed through ad agencies, branding studios, non-profits, and corporations using my brain and talent.

Using words, photography, strategy, design and insanely passionate people I've been able to help businesses tell stories and inspire customers. My journey has included leading the charge for animated GIFs, youtube videos, radio, and advertising for SUBWAY. Lead design on internal e-commerce sites for HP, Sprint, AT&T and massive industrial conglomerates. Lead a major rebrand with an internal team for a major DIY product for Rug Doctor and helped stop a major membership decline for a non-profit organization by introducing new design styles. Currently, I helped transition a marketing agency into a branding studio while developing strategic partnerships to fill gaps and expand services.

I crave intelligence, insight, crafting, and humor. Explore my Instagram where I ride or die with weirdo's and my LinkedIn where I follow Tom Goodwin and his against the grain critical thinking. I didn't even mention awards. Because I'm so humble, but I got those too.