Ask me about drawing on furniture and failing out of business school...

Hi, I am Erik Peterson, a creative director, art director or designer based in Fort Worth, Texas. Currently, I work for The Fowler Group using my versatile skill set to interact with clients, present ideas, design, direct and create strategic solutions to grow business or solve problems.

My experience goes back 10 years which is a lifetime in design. Easily over 20,000 hours. I've developed design and advertising solutions for all types of industries from enterprise corporations, startups, global non-profits and medium-sized businesses. In 2007 I did animated GIFs, youtube videos and radio spots for SUBWAY, created internal e-commerce sites for HP and large industrial companies in 2009, and rebranded a major DIY product for Rug Doctor in 2010.

Currently, my focus has been on brand development, and one-off projects for web design, campaigns, video, digital marketing and print solutions. I crave intelligence, insight, crafting, and humor. Explore my Instagram where I ride or die with weirdo's and my LinkedIn where I follow Tom Goodwin and his against the grain critical thinking. I didn't even mention awards. Because I'm so humble, but I got those too.