Foxy Propaganda

Foxy Propaganda is a regional innovator in utilizing digital printing technology to provide unique solutions for agencies, enterprises corporations, and small business.

The printing industry is changing drastically and so is the technology. Large offset runs are being replaced with on-demand reorders that help save on warehousing and waste. Foxy Propaganda has been at the forefront of that revolution continually investing in new digital printing equipment. Recently, Foxy went into partnership with Konica Minolta who recently developed a digital inkjet press that operates with the quality of offset and the affordability of digital. Our goal was to showcase the versatility and quality of this new inkjet printer through a variety of paper stocks and weights.

Create a concept around what 'we can do' and show the uniqueness and personality that Foxy Propaganda is known for.

I negotiated with photographers to utilize a variety of images in-trade for credit. I also designed and wrote all content in the book.

The book was part of a larger event campaign to showcase the new digital inkjet printing technology. Along with direct mail and digital integration campaign through email, we secured over 90 RSVPs out of 400 invites and successfully introduced the printing technology and capabilities to DFW.

What we did
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Print Design

Creative Director: Erik Peterson
Art Director: Erik Peterson
Design: Erik Peterson
Copywriting: Erik Peterson
Production Artist: Jason Shupe
Photography: Andrew Klein