Kelly Lott's Migraine Miracle

Kelly Lott’s Migraine Miracle® is a natural, safe, holistic, and uniquely instinctual method for relieving the symptoms of migraine headaches. The Migraine Miracle healing method incorporates cold stone therapy, proprietary essential oil blends, and pressure point massage. Kelly Lott teaches her proprietary healing process to licensed massage therapists who buy the kits.

The project had two layers. The brand didn't align with the founders' long-term vision to be the leading expert in holistic medications for migraine headaches. Redesign packaging and all assets to make the product appealing to high-end hotels and holistic health centers.

Aside from a design audit, we did extensive interviews with massage therapy clientele who were taught and use Migraine Miracle on their clients. Unfornutaley, none of them could tell us who they bought the product from. They referred to her as the migraine lady.

To align with the founders' vision of becoming a holistic health expert on migraines, we suggested changing the product name from Migraine Miracle to Kelly Lott's Migraine Miracle. This allowed us to tie the founder directly to the product, make her the expert and position her as a leader in holistic migraine treatment.

I lead the design team through all areas of the discovery process and strategy. Collaborated heavily with the creative director and lead art direction and design for packaging, sales collateral, color, and photography.

Experience holistic fusion.

What we did
Brand discovery
Brand positioning
User personas
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Company Naming
Brand Identity
Product Photography
Responsive Design
Website Design
Website Development

Creative Director: Erik Peterson
Art Director: Erik Peterson
Designer: Alexandra Little
Production Artist: Jason Shupe
Photographer: Patrick Langlais
Copywriting: Sarah Angle