Miller Glassworks

Miller Glassworks is a family-owned and operated industry leader in the custom manufacturing of architectural glass. The team at Miller Glassworks are the experts in the complete process – from concept, consultation, fabrication to installation.

Objective 1
Create a highly personalized logo and streamlined website for an existing brand that has been successfully doing business for over 30 years without either.

Objective 2
For Miller's most profitable business they needed a streamlined product builder to support their architectural clients. The complicated quote process, for 6 product lines and 1000's of options for custom markerboard solutions was time consuming for both Miller and their clients. The system was simplified into a fast and effecient direct selection tool that allowed architects to easily submit spec requirements that were either standard or custom. The new quote builder turned hours of back and forth into minutes and worked across devices.

The Miller's operate a 24,000 sq ft. glass production studio on their farm in Greenville, Texas. Aside from their colorful personalities, twelve dogs, dozens of cows, the Miller family loves peacocks and they have 4 on the property. For the website, we had two objectives. One, we needed to prove that they were capable of producing award-winning glass installations and have the experience to do it. The second revolved around the sample requests. When the Miller Glassworks set out samples of techniques or artwork requests they had a 90% conversion rate. Seeing is believing and they were confident if they could produce it, the client would love it.

Create a mono-line identity around the families love of peacocks that symbolizes their love of color and creativity.

Worked with two photographers for product photography and location photography across DFW and in Greenville, TX. Lead design and branding with the account team and another designer to create the look and feel of the Miller brand.

What we did
Brand Discovery
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Responsive Design
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Website Design
Custom Product Design
Website Development
Custom Product Development

Creative Director: Chad Murphy & Erik Peterson
Art Director: Erik Peterson
Designer: Erik Peterson
Photographer: Patrick Langlais, Dan Sells, Kristen Peacock
Developer: Esteban Utz, Matt Driscoll & Wondercraft