Quorum International

Quorum is a market leader in the manufacturing and design of high-end lighting and indoor/outdoor fans. Their products are offered to a variety of builders and interior designers worldwide who are looking to differentiate their interior spaces.

Quorum's belief is that beautiful photography and high-end catalogs help drive the success of their business. And they're right. I was tasked to work with the Quorum team to produce a variety of lifestyle product images that can be used across multi-channels. Print, web, video, and social.

Create sophistication and engagement by showing lifestyle photography that engages the customers with beautiful photography.

Worked with the photographer to scout locations, set creative direction, shot lists, pick talent and coordinate with the stylist on the look/feel. During the shoot, I ran art direction for a variety of looks between photography and video across multiple simultaneous shoots across each location. Final production included art direction and design with other team members and photographer.

Managing and coordinating 4-5 shots at each location between two photographers, and a videographer.

What we did
Location Scouting
Talent Selection
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Email Design
Print Design

Creative Director: Erik Peterson
Art Director: Erik Peterson & Arlene Valesco
Design: Erik Peterson & Alexandra Little
Production Artist: Jesus Prieto
Styling: Arlene Valesco
Photography: Jesus Prieto
Video: Crowdbuzzer
Support: Team of approx 12