Rug Doctor X3

Rug Doctor is the global market leader in professional-grade-do-it-yourself deep carpet cleaning systems for consumers. Rug Doctor produces a wide variety of commercial grade carpet cleaners and solutions to remove dirt, stains, and odors.

At the time, Rug Doctor was looking to modernizing their fleet of carpet cleaning machines that had been in the market for almost 20 years. Rug Doctor operates in two retail sectors. The rental market (rent) and retail market (buy). Our team was tasked with creating a new name, identity, and supporting assets for the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro line in the retail market.

During the initial discovery phase, we learned the Mighty Pro brand appeared masculine and caused intimidation for first-time DIY'ers (majority woman). Leveraging the core product name of Mighty Pro and adopting the X3 element allowed us to reinforce brand trust and soften the appearance for Rug Doctor's target audience.

Create an identity so simple and so different that is was clear Rug Doctor was taking innovation of their product seriously.

Worked with creative director and c-suite staff to develop the new visual brand and copywriting based on a complete machine redesign and customer insights.

Dirt doesn't stand a chance.

What we did
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Product Naming
Logo Design
Collateral POS
Machine Labeling

Creative Director: Chris Stewart
Art Director: Erik Peterson
Designer: Erik Peterson
Photographer: Clay Hayner
Copywriting: Mary Weatherford