VES International

VES International is one of the only major oil and gas companies that focuses on directional survey services and gyro technology exclusively. A subsidiary of Vaugh Energy Services and DHS Energy, VES is known for innovation, performance, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Creative an impressive sales tool that showcases VES's people, products, and services. VES takes absolute pride in commitment and innovation. They always made time to interact with clients from the boardroom to the equipment facilities. That established look and feel would eventually be carried over into website design and development.

Create a multi-level brochure that highlights VES's services. We created a leave behind brochure that was authentic with great photography and several flyout pages.

Worked on art direction and coordinated locations shots with the photographer. I managed copywriting to ensure the feeling matched the look. Worked with another designer to guide the process from concept to completion.

Production was the biggest challenge to ensure flyout pages and alignment were correct and consistent.

What we did
Location Scouting
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Website Design
Website Development
Print Design

Creative Director: Chad Murphy
Art Director: Erik Peterson
Design: Kiki Thomspon
Production Artist: Jason Shupe
Web Developer: Esteban Utz
Photography: Geno Loaro
Copywriting: Dacia Coffey