Four Five Seconds

Four Five Seconds Sketchbook A crude sketch of each verse for the song FourFiveSeconds performed by Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney. The book was hand made from existing materials, stripped apart, doodled and put back together. The video was shot with Google Glass. This was Inspired by David Fuenz.

Wedding Gift

Block Print Wedding Gift Chance moments can change lives and perspectives. A chance moment introduced the most amazing lady into my life. If I could grace the world with the love and support of Marissa I would. Unfortunately, as a creative, I can’t simply buy an espresso machine or hand forged soup spoons for a … Read More

Various Logo Doodles

Unique Logos & Doodles A variety of logo designs and doodles. Creations range from block printing designs, church, restaurant logo, and Vanderbilt University non-profit design for ‘lights on the lawn.’